Through a partnership with the Harold Hacker Fund for the Advancement of Libraries and the Monroe County Library System (MCLS), Hillside brought Coretta Scott King award-winning author G. Neri to speak with 70 students in a series of discussions held on October 7.

The author visits were the culmination of a months-long project in which students from three Hillside schools participating in a summertime “Everybody Reads” program, conducted in partnership with the Rochester Central Branch of the MCLS. Each participating school read a different book by G. Neri: kids from the Andrews Trahey School on the Monroe Campus read Tru & Nelle; students at the Snell Farm Campus school read Grand Theft Horse; and youth at Hillside’s Halpern Education Center read Yummy.

Hillside students will continue their literary adventures this fall with student book clubs and other activities.

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