Hillside Services

Every day, Hillside’s coordinated services help youth, adults and families overcome challenges and find new pathways to the stronger futures they deserve.


Use your own criteria to find the ideal Hillside service for your or your family’s needs.

Behavioral Health

These programs provide crisis interventions, individual/family/group therapy, Health Home Care Management, diagnostic evaluations and assessments.

Crisis Support

These programs provide coordinated resources to keep at-risk youth safe, and focused on healthy transitions to the more positive next steps in their lives.

Education & Vocation

These programs address school-based challenges, provide therapeutic education and increase each young person’s potential for academic success.

Family Resources

These programs provide an array of supportive services that help empower parents and families to realize their full potential.

Foster Care, Kinship & Adoption

These programs link young people in need to the family environment they deserve, support caring adults in their roles as foster parents, and support the essential goal of family permanency.

In-Home & Community Support

These programs provide personalized, highly accessible services to support youth and families as they face a broad array of life challenges.

Residential Treatment

These programs provide safety and structure to help youth and families overcome the greatest challenges.

For More Information

Customer Satisfaction is a priority for Hillside. Your feedback will help us ensure more successful outcomes for every person and family we serve.

Youth, adults and families participating in Hillside programs have Rights and Responsibilities that help ensure the high quality of the services they receive. These Rights and Responsibilities are described below (click to download PDFs).

Community-Based Services/Day Treatment programs
Family Resource Centers
Health Home Care Management services
Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection
Individualized Residential Alternative (group homes)
Residential/Foster Care programs

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