Behavioral Health

Hillside offers a comprehensive array of behavioral health services for youth and adults, designed to address symptoms related to complex medical, mental health, substance abuse or social needs.

All services are provided by professionals including social workers, mental health counselors, care managers, marriage and family therapists, and creative arts therapists. Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners and Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists provide care as needed.

Hillside Care Management services help make sure everyone involved in an individual’s care is working well together and sharing information that is important in supporting a person’s optimal health and wellness. Hillside Care Manager support clients in coordinating their medical, mental health, substance abuse services, as well as their social service needs.

Hillside Care Management services ensure that all aspects of a youth’s care – including medical, behavioral health, social services and more – are properly coordinated to support the health and wellness goals of the child and the family. Our Care Managers work closely with youth, family members and all providers to provide family-driven, youth-guided planning that adapts to a youth’s changing health needs, and ensures that the youth receives comprehensive, effective care.

This program creates enhanced opportunities for families to provide a safe, stable and permanent home for children as a way of reducing the need for foster or residential-care placements.

These services deliver individualized care in a variety of settings for children who have mental health and substance-use needs.

The services provided in this program can increase a child’s functional levels and reduce the risk of out-of-home placement.

Because residential treatment is only one step in the care that a vulnerable youth may need, every admission to a Qualified Residential Treatment Program (QRTP) on a Hillside campus includes preparation for the next steps that will follow their discharge from residential treatment. This program provides ongoing services to help youth and families continue their path to healing.

Hillside’s multidisciplinary Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) team provides holistic, strength-based mental health services in collaboration with youth and families to support the goal of safe reunification in the community. Together, youth and family members establish, learn, and practice skills and engage in therapeutic processes to heal from traumatic experiences and regain hope. Hillside also provides treatment at the Finger Lakes RTF Intensive Support Unit for youth who cannot be served in a regular RTF unit. Additional supports and staffing ensure the safety of clients and an appropriate milieu to support treatment planning.

This program offers a structured small group therapeutic environment helping students overcome the emotional and behavioral challenges that interfere with learning.

This program provides intensive community-based services to support youth experiencing severe emotional disturbance. The program’s goal is to help those youth avoid the need for out-of-home treatment and other higher levels of care.

Hillside’s 24-hour phone resource team responds to questions, crisis counseling, referrals or concerns from families and funders.

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