Youth Assertive Community Treatment (Youth ACT)

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Hillside’s Youth Assertive Community Treatment (Youth ACT) program serves children/youth with serious emotional disturbance who are returning home from inpatient settings or residential services, who are at risk of entering such settings, or whose needs have not been met in more traditional community-based settings. Referrals for Youth ACT must come from Children’s Single Point of Access (C-SPOA), a centralized referral system for children with serious emotional disturbance who need intensive mental health services to remain at home or in their community.

About this Program

Youth ACT is designed to address the significant needs of children ages 10-21 years who are at risk of entering or are returning home from high-intensity services, such as inpatient settings or residential services. Through the use of a multi-disciplinary team, Youth ACT serves as a critical component in the child’s continuum of care.

Youth ACT ensures the child and their family have the level of support, services and access to clinical professionals they require to sustain any gains made in crisis response or other out of home, high intensity services. Youth ACT teams deliver intensive, highly coordinated, individualized services and skilled therapeutic interventions through an integrated, multi-disciplinary team approach to better achieve success and maintain the child in the home, school and community. Youth ACT services are delivered in the home or other community-based settings.

Interventions are focused on improving or ameliorating the significant functional impairments and symptomatology experienced by the child due to mental illness or serious emotional disturbance. Interventions are also focused on enhancing family functioning to foster health/well-being, stability and re-integration for the child.

Services include: assertive engagement, case management, assessment, child and family service planning, individual, group and/or family counseling, individual and family psychoeducation, skill-building, crisis intervention services, medication management services, family and youth peer services and vocational/educational services.


This program is open to youth ages 10-21 years who are referred by C-SPOA from Monroe, Cortland and Chenango counties.


Services are provided in community settings including the youth’s home and school. Office visits may occur if desired at the following locations:

Monroe County – 1 Mustard Street, Rochester, NY 14609. This office is conveniently located on a bus line.

Cortland and Chenango counties – 277 Tompkins Street, Cortland, NY 13045

Contact Information

For details about this or any Hillside program, contact us 24 hours a day at 585-256-7500 or info@hillside.com

This Program Supported by the NYS Office of Mental Health.

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