Family Resource Services

Youth aren’t the only family members who sometimes need support and guidance. Through a combination of neighborhood- and home-based services, Hillside partners with families to ensure that biological, foster and adoptive parents all have the customized life-enhancing resources they need to fulfill their potential as guardians, leaders and caregivers.

Hillside Strong: Strengthening Families

Healthy children and strong families are the foundation of any thriving community. Hillside programs are dedicated to that principle, but we don’t stop there. Through an array of innovative initiatives, we take our programs an important step further—to do even more for families in need.

This program provides a therapeutic family environment for youth on the autism spectrum whose exceptional needs make it difficult for them to live in their parents’ home or at a lower level of foster care.

Hillside provides adoption-related information, referral, education, counseling and support to birth parents, children, youth, and prospective adoptive parents, before and after adoption finalization.

Hillside Care Management services help make sure everyone involved in an individual’s care is working well together and sharing information that is important in supporting a person’s optimal health and wellness. A Hillside Care Manager will support a client in coordinating their medical, mental health, substance abuse services, as well as social service needs.

Hillside Care Management services ensure that all aspects of a youth’s care – including medical, behavioral health, social services and more – are properly coordinated to support the health and wellness goals of the child and the family. Our Care Managers work closely with youth, family members and all providers to provide family-driven, youth-guided planning that adapts to a youth’s changing health needs, and ensures that the youth receives comprehensive, effective care.

This program creates enhanced opportunities for families to provide a safe, stable and permanent home for children as a way of reducing the need for foster or residential-care placements.

This Hillside program meets the needs of parents who are raising children with emotional disturbances and/or behavioral challenges.

Hillside Day Treatment programs are designed for students that experience significant challenges in school and or the community which impact their academic performance and/or social development. Our Day Treatments are licensed schools by the New York State Education Department and the Office of Mental Health. We provide special education programming for students that have an Individual Education Plan.

For youth experiencing emotional crises, this program provides brief (up to 7 days) out-of-home stays in local host homes while stabilization and reunification with a primary caregiver is reestablished.

This pre- thru post-adoptive service, run by adoptive parents who are adoption professionals, helps families in all stages of their adoption process. Case Managers provide a wide range of supports to participating families.

This program strengthens the reunification of families following the placement of a child in an out-of-home relative or foster care setting.

These services provide in-home support for youth who are experiencing mental health crises, and their families. FCSS helps children achieve stability in their living situation, while decreasing identified high-risk behaviors and building new, positive skills.

Hillside’s Family Finding model helps develop permanent lifetime networks for young people in the child welfare, mental health, developmental disabilities and juvenile justice systems. The single factor most closely associated with positive outcomes for youth is meaningful, lifelong connections with family and natural supports. As part of this effort, Hillside is pleased to offer Family Finding training, consultation and services for public and private agencies.

Hillside’s Family Opportunity Centers, located in Rochester and Syracuse, provide parent education classes, on-site mental health care, all-ages activities, referrals to a wide variety of community-based supports, and more. The Centers are open to expectant parents and families with children under age 21.

This program helps prevent a youth’s placement out of the family home, or ensures their successful return to the family home from an out-of-home placement. Staff help families alleviate the immediate crisis and improve family functioning. Emergency placements are available.

This program empowers parents and caregivers to best meet their family’s needs.

This home visiting program is designed to improve the health and well-being of infants and children through coordinated services that help to develop positive parent-child bonding and relationships; promote optimal child and family health, development and safety; improve family self-sufficiency; and avoid instances of child abuse and neglect.

This nationally recognized program helps students stay in school and achieve their goals of earning a high-school diploma and developing skills to help them succeed at work. Learn More about HWSC.

This program help families alleviate an immediate crisis to reduce the risk of out-of-home placement.

This Hillside program helps prevent foster care placements by increasing family supports, enhancing parenting skills and building individual self-esteem.

This program serves young people whose who have had multiple disruptions from care, and whose trauma history prevents them from successfully integrating into foster home settings.

This Hillside program provides intensive support services to kinship families with legal custody or an informal care arrangement of youth to age 18, with a goal to support and strengthen families, promote permanency and ensure the wellbeing of kinship children. 

For too many youth placed in foster care, the socio-emotional challenges of day-to-day living can make it difficult to plan for a successful future as an independent adult. Hillside’s Monroe County Transitional Services program provides focused supports to help eligible participants make meaningful progress toward their long-term goals.

This program provides informed support for foster families, utilizing the Family Group Decision Making model that giving families a strong voice in decisions regarding the children in their care.

This program helps prevent or shorten out-of-home placement in psychiatric, residential, or foster care.

PAT helps parents give their children the best possible start in life and to increase their children’s school readiness and school success.

These Hillside services partner with adoptive and/or legal guardianship families to provide post-adoption and related services that support permanency.

Provided in the family’s home, these services aim to prevent foster care placements and child protective reports.

The Syracuse-based RIY program assists youth and families in overcoming challenges so they can heal and thrive in their communities. Participating families benefit from strength-based, culturally competent, trauma-informed and family-focused supports and services.

This program offers a structured small group therapeutic environment helping students overcome the emotional and behavioral challenges that interfere with learning.

This program provides a therapeutic environment for youth whose behaviors make it difficult for them to remain at home or receive lower levels of foster care. TFC’s goal is to reunify youth with their families or, when appropriate, to establish them quickly as possible in permanent adoptive families. Learn More about Foster Parenting.

This signature program of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption helps find permanent homes for children in foster care.

Hillside’s 24-hour phone resource team responds to questions, crisis counseling, referrals or concerns from families and funders.

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