Family Crisis Support Services

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Family Crisis Support Services (FCSS) are intended to provide culturally and linguistically appropriate in-home support services for youth ages 5-21 that are experiencing a mental health crisis and their families. FCSS seeks to help children achieve stabilization within their current living situation, while decreasing identified high risk or concerning behaviors and increasing new skills. FCSS also seeks to divert young people from inpatient hospitalization and reduce future acute service utilization.

About this Program

Family Crisis Support Services offer short-term home-based assessment/support and family advocacy to youth ages 5-21 with serious emotional disturbances or significant mental health challenges who are experiencing a mental health crisis. FCSS utilizes the Functional Behavior Approach for assessment and identification of child and family needs to develop services that are individualized and flexible. Proactive Safety Planning will also be utilized to create a specific plan to respond to immediate needs or challenging behaviors.

FCSS provides short-term, family-driven supports, helping families to build on existing strengths to stabilize the home environment and improve family functioning. Specifically, FCSS offers the development or modification of a safety plan and assessment of the child’s behaviors and family functioning. Focus of the assessment is on the child and family history of stress and trauma and the impact of this on the child’s brain, therefore providing greater understanding of the child’s behavior and the function of the behavior in serving the child. (Behaviors are typically a symptom of unmet needs.)

FCSS also connects the child and family to community resources/programs that can fulfill long-term needs of the child and family. Family Crisis Support Services are available during the day, evenings and weekends, as determined by the child and family’s identified needs. A diverse cadre of family crisis support specialists and family advocates are available to meet the needs of all families. Families have access to 24/7 crisis intervention, which is provided by on-call staff of the program. The child, sibling, parent(s), and other family members, as appropriate, are incorporated into the development of the plan of care and support offered.

Flexible funds are available to support family needs.


Youth ages 5 to 21 years

This program is open to eligible residents of Monroe County.


Rochester Office
1 Mustard Street
Rochester, NY 14609

Contact Information

For details about this or any Hillside program, contact us 24 hours a day at 585-256-7500 or

This Program Supported by Monroe County.

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