About Hillside: 185 Years of Service


What we do

Hillside provides community-based services, education, and residential treatment to positively impact lives, in partnership with youth and families who have experienced trauma.


The impact of our work

Youth and families overcoming challenges to heal and thrive in their communities.


How we approach our work

Hillside builds a culture of trust and support by focusing on the wellness and resiliency of our staff, and the youth and families we serve.

Hillside believes all people should be accepted for who they are, have a voice, and be listened to and valued while striving for equity, trust and belonging.

Hillside utilizes high-quality, evidence-based/informed practices, seeks input from employees, and strives for continuous improvement in order to achieve the best possible results and outcomes.

Hillside’s Values in Action

Alisa Burke: At Hillside,
‘I found my life’s purpose’

Philosophy of Service

Hillside is family-driven, youth-guided, trauma-informed, and culturally competent.

Commitment to

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Hillside creates an inclusive environment where we leverage our diversity to build a strong, equitable community. Learn more about DE&I at Hillside

A Mission-Driven Agency

Hillside, we believe that healthy children and strong families with opportunities to succeed are the foundation of any thriving community. Guided by this belief, we work closely with children, adults and families whose challenges threaten their ability to realize their full potential.

From locations across central and western New York and Prince George’s County, MD, our programs serve nearly 10,000 youth, adults and families each year.

To be a partner and resource to the families and communities we serve, we deliver the right mix of services, in the appropriate settings — whether on residential campuses or in schools, homes or the workplace. And by measuring the impact of our work, we are able to ensure the best possible outcomes.

A History of Caring

Our agency is one of the oldest family and youth non-profit human services organizations in the United States. In 1837, recognizing the unmet needs of vulnerable children, the Rochester Female Charitable Society founded the Rochester Orphan Asylum—known today as Hillside.

In the 185 years since that transformational act of caring, our work has evolved in scope and complexity. Still, Hillside’s core mission of service remains as strong as ever: by gradually expanding our reach and the coordinated nature of our programs, we continue to meet the changing needs of the communities with whom we partner

HILLSIDE HISTORICAL ARCHIVES The University of Rochester houses the Hillside Children’s Center Papers, with more detailed history of our organization dating back to Hillside’s founding on February 28, 1837.

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