You’re about to hear a lot more about Hillside! A new advertising campaign is celebrating the commitment of our people and the achievements of those we serve.

The Stories of Hillside campaign has been in the works for a while: we wanted to identify the most compelling stories out of our thousands of engagements with youth, adults and families every year. The first two to be released are really special:

  • Antonia’s Story looks at the personal journey of a former youth in care who overcame her challenges and now works to help other youth as a member of the Hillside team.
  • Jai’Lynn and Autumn’s Story explores the connection between a Syracuse student in our Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection program, and the HWSC Youth Advocate who supported his success.

More Stories of Hillside will be released soon, and will be shared our social media channels: Facebook and Instagram users will see them in paid advertisements, and the stories will also be featured in our own Facebook, Instagram, X/Twitter and LinkedIn platforms.

The goal of this campaign is simple: we want you and your neighbors to see Hillside as we do! Every day, 1,700 Hillside employees support the life goals of nearly 9,000 youth, adults and families. Their deeply held commitment to our mission is inspiring—and by sharing that inspiration with you, we hope you’ll understand the importance of supporting our mission in any way you can.

I hope you enjoy these Stories of Hillside. As always, thank you for your interest in Hillside’s work!


Thank you,

President & CEO