In-Home Parenting Services

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In-Home Parenting Services (IPS) aim to prevent foster care placement of children or to strengthen reunification of families so that re-placement of children is not necessary. This is done by increasing safety, family support, strengthening family relationships, increasing parenting skills, teaching children and parents coping skills, and enhancing individual growth and self-esteem.

About this Program

In-Home Parenting Services are designed to assist families experiencing difficulties in family life. Each family is assigned a Hillside Community Based Skillbuilder (Niagara County) or Care Coordinator (Allegany County) who meets with the family on a weekly basis in the family’s home. Skillbuilders/Care Coordinators also advocate with schools and other community organizations and institutions on behalf of families and can help families access needed community supports.

Services focus on strengthening family relationships, developing parenting skills, learning effective conflict resolution and communication, accessing community resources, and coping with stress. Additionally, the worker may provide families information about and assist with access to additional community resources. Specific services provided include:

  • Assessment, parenting education, and therapeutic case management services to prevent placement or decrease the length of a foster care placement.
  • Supervised visitation for families whose children are in an out-of-home-placement.
  • Crisis response providing 24-hour support.

Services are usually provided in the family’s home on a weekly basis and have an approximate duration of four to six months. The family must reside in Niagara or Allegany County and have one of the following circumstances:

  • Child or children at risk of placement in foster care
  • Child or children currently in Foster Care
  • Youth engaged in behavior that may result in a PINS or JD petition being filed
  • Pregnant (Niagara County only) or parenting teen
  • Teen mother with an IQ of 50 to 80, the potential to be the primary caregiver to her child, and at least one of the following concerns: health and safety of the child is at risk; special physical or behavioral needs of the child cannot be managed by the parents or caregivers; emotional, mental, physical, or financial needs of the parent are currently not being met; and potential for risk to newborn or unborn child exists due to mother’s difficulty in parenting.


Teen parents through adults

This program is available for eligible residents of Allegany and Niagara counties.


Lockport Office
66 Stevens Street
Lockport NY 14094

Cuba Office
36 Water Street
Cuba NY 14727

Contact Information

For details about this or any Hillside program, contact us 24 hours a day at 585-256-7500 or

This Program Supported by Niagara and Allegany counties.

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