Reinvesting in Youth

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Hillside’s Reinvesting in Youth (RIY) program assists youth and families in overcoming challenges so they can heal and thrive in their communities. Participating families benefit from strength-based, culturally competent, trauma-informed and family-focused supports and services.

About this Program

RIY works with youth ages 12-17 who are at risk of or are currently involved in the Juvenile Justice System.  

Using wraparound services, youth and families will develop an individualized plan to address goals related to the reduction, elimination or prevention of Juvenile Justice involvement.

RIY provides core services including: 

  • Case Management – enrolled youth are assigned an RIY Case Manager who ensures the youth is connected to natural, sustainable community resources, including family and other informal supports. The Case Manager also assists youth and families to navigate the judicial system, including ensuring a strong relationship with any County Officers or other systems staff and officials.
  • Community Asset Navigation – enrolled youth are connected to a Community Asset Navigator (CAN) who is familiar with the youth’s local neighborhood, and who works with other Hillside staff to ensure the young person is fully familiar with their own culture and experiences from a place-based, neighborhood perspective. The CAN engages the youth in community activities, including locations where young people have access to social skills groups, health recreation and after-school supports.
  • Family Peer Advocacy – Hillside’s Family Peer Advocates provide formal and informal supports for families raising a youth who is experiencing social, emotional, medical, developmental, substance use, and/or behavioral challenges in their home, school, placement, and/or community. Family Peer Advocates have first-hand experience as a parent or primary caregiver who has navigated multiple child-serving systems on behalf of their own children with social, emotional, developmental, health, and/or behavioral healthcare needs. FPAs help parents navigate systems more effectively; learn from the experiences of other families; decrease isolation; and gain hope, ideas, and information. The role of the Family Peer Advocate is rooted in the philosophy of family-driven care.

A youth and family’s engagement in Reinvesting in Youth helps build resilience, social connections, knowledge and use of community resources, increased skill development and targeted educational/vocational support.


This program is open to youth 12-17 in Onondaga County who are at risk of or are currently involved in the Juvenile Justice system.


Syracuse Office
215 Wyoming Street
Syracuse, NY 13204

Hours of Operation
Mondays through Fridays,
9:00am – 5:00pm

Contact Information

For details about this or any Hillside program, contact us 24 hours a day at 585-256-7500 or

This Program Supported by the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services – Project Rise

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