Of the many aspects of Hillside’s work, I’m always particularly excited to discuss our schools!

Hillside operates five 853 schools, certified by the New York State Office of Special Education to provide the state-approved curriculum to students in our residential and day treatment programs. These schools are located on our four residential campuses in Rochester, Auburn, and Bath; and at the Halpern Education Center in Webster, NY.

It’s truly commendable how Hillside educators bring their passion and dedication to every student.  Education is a powerful tool that can transform lives, Teachers and Teaching Assistants play a vital role in guiding students through their emotional and behavioral challenges while fostering a love for learning. Their commitment is invaluable in creating supportive and enriching learning environments for all students.

Hillside Teachers and TAs work closely with clinical staff to ensure that lesson plans are delivered in the context of each child’s therapeutic needs as well as the Individualized Education Programs that are established to set the students’ academic goals. It’s vital and deeply rewarding work, that’s embraced by our world-class Education teams who are as committed to their profession as they are to Hillside’s mission.

If you’re a Teacher or Teaching Assistant who’s exploring new employment opportunities, I encourage you to consider Hillside! Our teams were recently asked what they value most about working here, and their answers included the following:

  • Small class sizes,” with 6:1:2 or 8:1:2 ratios (Students to Teachers to Teaching Assistants) in every classroom
  • Fantastic starting compensation compared to public districts”
  • More support in the classroom from TAs, supervisors, and management”
  • “Teachers and TAs have their own dedicated laptops, and every classroom has a Smartboard”
  • Greater opportunities for flexibility in planning and instruction”

Teaching is so vital to every community—and the Hillside community is no exception. For more information about openings in our Hillside schools, visit our Careers page today. And thank you as always for your support of Hillside!

Maria Cristalli
President & CEO

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