Much like school districts in your communities, Hillside’s multiple schools come together each year for a Superintendent’s Day event that enables in-service learning and idea sharing, with the goal of helping our educators be as effective as possible.

Hillside held an educational and engaging Superintendent’s Conference Day on October 18 at Kodak Center in Rochester. The “Teaching and Learning: Exploring Cultural Competency & Personalized Instruction” conference was informative, interactive and relevant to its Hillside educator attendees.

Greece Central School District administrators Brandin Jones and Jennifer Wesp-Liestman gave the conference’s keynote presentation, “The Role of Anti-Racism in Education – How to Be an Active Anti-Racist Educator.” A diverse array of workshops covered topics ranging from graphic novels and bibliotherapy to addressing sensory processing challenges in schools.

Hillside Education Director of Education Brenda Pacheco thanks all the presenters and HFA support staff for making the 2019 Superintendent’s Conference Day a rousing success.

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