RDI Diamonds is committed to doing well by doing good. Every time the wholesale diamond distributor’s five sales teams hit their daily goals, money is donated to a charity of each team’s choosing. Recently, Hillside was honored to be selected as the quarterly philanthropic focus for a gem of an RDI sales team.

This culture of philanthropy was started by RDI owner Michael Indelicato who encourages his employees to make a difference in their communities through volunteerism, donations and participation in charitable events. By explaining that they are raising money for a worthy charity as part of their calls, RDI salespeople appeal to their buyers own best philanthropic qualities. Doing so has helped to fuel the company’s consistent double-digit sales growth.

Since RDI’s humble beginnings in his mother’s basement in 1992, Indelicato he has grown his company to become a nationally-recognized wholesale diamond distributor with offices in Rochester, NY and NYC. RDI Diamonds is shining example of how a brilliant philanthropic focus can benefit and bring out the best in everyone.

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