The COVID-19 pandemic is bringing additional complications to the lives of already vulnerable families coping with the challenges of trauma, poverty and neglect. To many of these families, keeping up with the mail at this time might be the last thing on their minds—but the 2020 United States Census is no ordinary piece of mail. It’s an important tool that can help ensure that publicly funded resources are allocated to those who may need them most.

Hillside encourages families throughout the regions we serve, and everywhere, to take the few minutes necessary to complete and submit an accurate Census form by the extended deadline of August 14, 2020. “Census results help direct federal funds for a wide range of important services that can directly impact people’s lives,” says Michelle Belge, Executive Director of Hillside’s Central Region. “Wherever you live, you deserve to be counted. This is an important once-a-decade chance to do just that.”

Census data can also be provided in just a few minutes through a secure online portal at

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