Each year at this time, Hillside traditionally salutes the soon-to-graduate high school seniors whose paths to success have been supported by the Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection program. In regions throughout New York State and in Prince George’s County, MD, hundreds of students would cross the stage in local HW-SC Senior Celebration ceremonies featuring their friends, families and local dignitaries.

COVID-19 disrupted that tradition this year, but our teams have been working to honor the class of 2020 all the same. Commemorative senior gifts and stoles – the customary sashes worn by many students during their graduation ceremonies – are being awarded to these young people by their HW-SC Youth Advocates as mementos of their achievement. And photos of the students are being collected for local slide shows that will be shared with the youth and their families on social media.

“Our annual Senior Celebrations are a highlight of the hard work and accomplishments of HW-SC students, and of their partnerships with Hillside’s Youth Advocates,” said Rod Green, Executive Director of the HW-SC program. “We’re with them in spirit this year, but their successes have only just begun.”

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