The Hillside community was deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Harry Lang, a longtime agency leader and a committed supporter of Hillside’s mission. Mr. Lang died this week at 94.

Mr. Lang retired from Hillside in August 1994, closing a 42-year career with the agency. His extraordinary tenure spanned a wide array of responsibilities, in roles including Director of Professional Services, Senior Supervisor of Social Services, Assistant Executive Director and Senior Vice President.

He lived for many years on Hillside’s Monroe Campus, often eating meals in the cottages with children in care as well as agency staff. “Harry was committed to ensuring that Hillside provided high-quality services that were in the best interest of children and families,” Maria Cristalli, President & CEO, said in an announcement to staff. “Harry was a humble man, who often publicly recognized the accomplishments of others, but avoided the spotlight when it came to his own many accomplishments.”

Upon his retirement, one of the cottages on Hillside’s campus was named Lang Cottage in recognition of Mr. Lang’s career and contributions; and a Harry Lang Staff Scholarship Fund was created to honor his steadfast dedication and numerous contributions to Hillside’s mission.

He met each year with past and present Harry Lang Staff Scholars, eager to hear about how their scholarships had supported their educational and career goals. “Harry always took an interest in each person as an individual,” said Tess Mahnken-Weatherspoon, program manager of Hillside’s Institute for Family Connections. “He had the ability to remember little facts about people and then bring those things up in conversation … it really was an amazing skill.”

His generosity will leave a lasting impact as he touched the lives of so many Hillside children, families and staff throughout his career.

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