The Hillside community, and the staff and leaders of the agency’s Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection (HW-SC) program, extend their congratulations to Christian Rhodes for his appointment to a position with the United States Department of Education.

In February, Rhodes was named Chief of Staff of the Office of Elementary and Secondary Education with the Biden administration. In his most recent position as Chief of Staff for Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) in Maryland, he contributed to the work of Hillside’s Prince George’s County Regional Advisory Council, whose members help Hillside remain responsive to the diverse needs of the communities we serve.

“All of us at Hillside are deeply appreciative of Mr. Rhodes’ service to the students of the Prince George’s County Public Schools district, and particularly for his partnership with Hillside and the mission of HW-SC,” said Maria Cristalli, Hillside’s President and CEO. “Our program is dedicated to helping students achieve their academic and life goals—beginning with earning a high-school diploma—and advisor partners like Mr. Rhodes are vital to the success of our work.”

Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection, a nationally recognized youth-empowerment program, serves hundreds of PGCPS students and families each year.

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