At any age, a birthday is an occasion to celebrate—and even more so when you’ve had 185 of them!

On February 28, 1837, Hillside first opened its doors to serve vulnerable children from a single building in Rochester, NY. The scope of our work has changed dramatically since those earliest days: last year alone, Hillside served nearly 10,000 youth and families in New York and Maryland.

But our work remains driven by simple truths that haven’t changed a bit.

  • We still believe that children can best thrive in loving, stable environments.
  • We still recognize the family as the foundational element in any healthy community.
  • And we’re still motivated by these ideas to do all we can to help children, adults and families fulfill their potential—and achieve the stronger futures they deserve.

Although I’m proud of Hillside’s history and all we’ve achieved, I know we’re defined not by our past, but by the impact of our work today and every day. That impact is possible because of our dedicated employees, the families we serve, and our community partners—including you!

More details about our history, and our future, will be shared here in the months to come. For now, please consider supporting Hillside as a 185th birthday present. Your contributions make our work possible.

As always, thank you for your interest in our important work.

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