When it comes to mental health and wellness, the Black/Indigenous/People of Color community (BIPOC) have a strong advocate and partner in BIPOC PEEEEEEK, a division of Partners in Community Development, Inc. The Rochester-based program is dedicated to “helping Parents and caregivers Elevate their voice to Educate and Empower Each other to Eliminate disparities and inequities in services related to the Emotional health of our Kids.”

Hillside is proud to be a Health & Wellness Sponsor of this year’s BIPOC PEEEEEEK events, which will use an equity lens to explore and address issues including health care, housing, employment and other important areas for all individuals in our community.

Among the events scheduled throughout 2022, BIPOC PEEEEEEK will host a series of free webinars during the month of February dedicated to Mental Health in the Black Community. Topics covered during the webinar series will include:

  • February 5, 10-11:30am—Mental Health in the Black Community: Historical Perspective, Cultural Values, Stigma, Suicide Prevention and Opportunities
  • February 12, 10-11:30am—The Impact of the 2 pandemics: COVID-19 & Racism and Managing Chronic Health Issues, Loss, Grief and Trauma
  • February 19, 10-11:30am—Diversity of Perspectives and Needs: Children, Black Males, Older Adults, Justice Involved and LGBTQ Populations
  • February 26, 10-11:30am—Social Determinants, Education, Engagement and System Change: Where do we go from here?

Click here to register for any of these free webinars. To learn more about this organization and its work, visit BIPOCParentVoice.org.

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