At Hillside, an ongoing series of Leader-Led Discussions on Race are ensuring that our leaders have the perspectives and awareness to foster a positive environment for their teams, and lead by example.

These modules look at factors that contribute to racism and cause inequity—through history up to the present day. The session leader facilitates discussion, shares facts and data, looks at equity, and encourages conversation on how things can be addressed.

A cohort consisting of managers goes through the series, sharing support with each other and providing feedback, and have a safe forum to talk among peers. After each module, participants reflect and find practical ways to use what they’ve learned. The sessions can help with their work, with their teams, personally, and even within their community.

By having our own leaders facilitate these discussions, Hillside employees can be confident in the agency’s commitment to DE&I while leaders are able to deepen their knowledge in the subject matter.

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