Hillside’s ongoing DE&I work took on an additional dimension in June, as employees gathered in myriad ways in response to the recent tragedies in Buffalo and Uvalde, Texas. Those acts of mass violence, underscoring the painful toxic impacts of racism and hate, demanded attention. In messages to employees, in community outreach efforts in Buffalo, and in different Racial Healing Circle events held virtually, the Hillside community came together to process these recent events and provide support for each other and the communities we serve.

Our commitment to DE&I continues in July, through such opportunities as our agency’s participation in July 13 event dedicated to “Promoting Mental Health Wellness in Communities of Color through the Lens of Equity.” This multi-city event is aimed at exploring long-term strategies that address trauma and mental health in communities of color, and highlighting the diversity of needs related to “healing.” Learnings from this event will be shared by attendees with other staff.

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