At Hillside, we understand that a diverse and inclusive community needs many voices and perspectives from all areas. Within our community of 1,800 employees, that means encouraging all staff to participate in monthly Regional DE&I Committee meetings that generate robust discussions on race, equity and other vital topics.

This internal work also includes the launch of a new Leadership Diversity program that aims to support the advancement goals of Hillside employees of color, while helping to increase diversity within our leadership pipeline. The pilot for this exciting program has just started; participants of the inaugural cohort were nominated by their leaders and will attend sessions over the next four months. There’ll be a strong focus on developing leadership mindsets and other characteristics that can position individuals to be successful leaders.

Hillside was proud to participate last month in an event dedicated to “Promoting Mental Health Wellness in Communities of Color through the Lens of Equity.” This multi-city event was aimed at exploring long-term strategies that address trauma and mental health in communities of color, and highlighting the diversity of needs related to “healing.” Learnings from this event will be shared by attendees with other staff.

And speaking of Pride: Although the nation observes National Pride Month in June, the Greater Rochester area has a long tradition of celebrating the LGBTQ+ community in July with a host of events. (Read this article to learn more about the history of Pride celebrations in Rochester.) Rochester’s 2022 Pride Parade was held Saturday, July 16 in the City of Rochester, and more than two dozen Hillside employees came to march with many other community groups in support of LGBTQ+ civil rights.

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