Hillside, one of the largest child-and-family-services organizations in the eastern United States, today announced the establishment of a new minimum wage of $17 per hour for all positions in the organization. The change will take effect on October 8, 2022.

“I am delighted to announce this permanent shift in Hillside’s compensation structure,” President and Chief Executive Officer Maria Cristalli said, adding that the change will also positively impact many staff whose salaries are already above this new minimum. “This is an important step in raising compensation for the many critical roles that our employees play in the lives of children and families.”

Hillside employs nearly 1,800 women and men in a broad range of service areas including direct care, clinical and education. The agency’s residential treatment and community-based programs support the needs of nearly 10,000 children, adults and families every year.

In May 2021, Hillside became an early leader among major regional employers to set a minimum wage of $15 per hour. “This new increase is only the latest step in compensation journey that needs to be gradual, and must be ongoing,” Cristalli said. “We will continue to advocate with our government partners for increased investment in human services workers. They deserve nothing less.”

Hillside is hiring for a wide range of positions throughout Western and Central New York and in Prince George’s County, Maryland. For more information, visit www.hillside.com/careers.

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