The Hillside Men of Color (HMOC) affinity group met last month with a special guest in attendance: Pastor Reginald L. Cox (pictured), founder and Executive Director of The Fatherhood Connection. His organization is designed to educate, equip and empower communities, and our HMOC group is looking forward to partnering with Pastor Cox as part of Hillside’s ongoing commitment to community outreach.

* * *

Bringing a DE&I culture to a complex organization like Hillside requires attention in all areas. For instance, we’re in the process of updating Hillside’s agency-wide policies that guide many aspects of our work, and our teams have been asked to also consider those policies from a lens of equity. Subtle changes like this can make a big gradual difference in how we engage with the diverse communities we serve. 

* * *

November is National Native American Heritage Month, an opportunity for us all to reflect on our nation’s history and honor those indigenous to this land and who called it home long before the first European settlers arrived.

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