Sixty-seven Hillside employees were honored yesterday in a virtual celebration for achieving milestone anniversaries with the agency. In all, the honorees have contributed a combined 825 years of service to youth and families during their time at Hillside.

The longest-serving honoree, Joe Pfluke, came to work at Hillside in 1982 and is currently Grounds Supervisor. Pfluke was lauded for 40 years of service during the annual ceremony, at which participating employees were recognized by their leaders for their shared commitment to the Hillside mission.

“Hillside’s extraordinary work, and our legacy of community service, are only possible thanks to the dedication of our employees,” said Maria Cristalli, Hillside President and CEO. “We honor these individuals for bringing our mission of service to impactful life, every day.”

In addition to Pluke, other honorees recognized at the ceremony for their years of service included:

35 Years: Mary Keenan, Hugh Knight and Robert Rex.

30 Years: Andy Guary, Marjorie Montag and Paul Vary.

25 Years: Gary Antinone, Lorynda Bender, Maria Rosica and Sally Soler.

20 Years: Heather Alexson, Mary Fischer, Tony Hess, Lisa Jackson, Lacey Natello, Deborah Nicolosi, and Billie Jo Sepulveda.

15 Years: Ford Best, Angela Drahms, Kelly Kelley, Ashley Kelly, Dmitri Knight, Mildred Mercado, Lisa Newton, Amanda Sears, Eric Stanley, Eric Sterling, Christina Walsh and Marsha Whitley.

10 Years: Darlene Apgar, Carolyn Drury, Darcie Fleming, Beth Harrington, Ann Higbee, Lynn Higgins, Colleen Hill, Garth Lee, Jim McCabe, Jami Millson, Elizabeth Munson, Jill Stanton, Denise Stokes and Andrea Yeager.

5 Years: Annette Aiosa, Jaime Anterline. Joelle Bobzin, Jerry Bradley, Susan Burney, Faith Carini-Graves, Kristina Ciesielski, Monique Cooper, Zetta Denno, Doug Flitcroft, Laura Ford, Christie Ingram, Darshella Ivy, Dan Juzwick, Ranzella Lewis, Melvin Mason, Rosina Miller, Casey Nightingale, Reyna Redmond, George Snell, Athena Tucker-Pasiak, Jean Vonglis and Nicole Wallace Wright.

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