Hillside closed 2022 with an executive review of the past year of DE&I activities—more than 30 distinct projects currently underway—and a recommitment to additional progress in the months to come. As we start the new year, some of our current ongoing focuses include:

  • Implicit bias training, particularly in relation to recruiting, interviewing and hiring
  • Coordinated work to identify and disrupt bias and racism within systems
  • Forging new partnerships that will allow us to further engage in the communities we serve, and continue our response to poverty, violence and other social challenges

Our regional committees and affinity groups are continuing to share invaluable perspectives and suggestions for additional actions that will make a difference within the Hillside community and the neighborhoods we all call home. We’ll continue to update this page monthly, so please stay tuned for more announcements around this dynamic work.

* * *

 January 16 is Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, a federal holiday since 1986. While no individual deserves sole credit for advancing civil rights in America, Dr. King’s contributions made an immeasurable impact—leading the way for both landmark federal civil rights protections and a widespread embrace of the cause of equality for all people.

Today, in support of an annual day of service on Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, AmeriCorps encourages all of us to create constructive action within our communities by acting on Dr. King’s legacy of social justice and equity and volunteering to serve others. You can clean up a public space, mentor a young person, or help those who are food insecure. Learn more here.

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