The children who attend Hillside’s schools at our residential campuses and Day Treatment programs share the same hopes and dreams as students in any public or private school—and in many cases, their challenges are similar as well. For example, too few children today have an innate love of reading—the kind of passion that can open doors, in academics and beyond.

That’s why we’re excited to launch Hillside Reads, a new literacy initiative that aims to help the children in our care discover their own love of reading. Beginning this month, our Education teams will be creating special events and activities on an ongoing basis in an agency-wide effort to encourage our students to embrace reading in all its forms—in and out of the classroom.

So many positive life outcomes can be traced back to the simple but elusive gift of literacy, and every child deserves every opportunity to build that skill. In the weeks and months to come, we’ll share examples of Hillside Reads initiatives on this website and in social media—and we’ll have ways for you to get involved, as well.

* * *

February is Black History Month, an annual time of commemoration and celebration—and an important opportunity to learn more about Black history. Our DE&I page has some details about how Hillside is embracing this special month, and I hope you’re doing the same in your home and community. As I mentioned in a message to Hillside staff, we all benefit from living in a more diverse, equitable and inclusive community.

* * *

Thank you as always for your interest in our mission—this month and every month, community support keeps Hillside strong!

Maria Cristalli
President & CEO

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