In honor of National Foster Care Month, here’s a story about an extraordinary foster family provided by Hillside’s Therapeutic Foster Care team.

We would like to share an amazing story of a family whose partnership with Hillside opened many opportunities for children as well as within their own family. Through their care, love and nurturing, many children have been able to call this family their family, and this house their home. We can’t think of a better way to honor Christopher and Alan Girangaya than to share this story of friendship, love and mutual respect.

Most anyone who comes to the Girangayas’ home in Holley, NY, is treated like family. They have been foster/adoptive parents for Hillside for 20 years, including two grown adopted children.

More than 10 years ago, Chris and Alan welcomed into their home a teen mother of one who was expecting another child. With the Girangayas’ support, the mom prepared for independence and grew confident that Chris and Alan would love and care for her children. This led to the adoption of Cadence Alana Girangaya and Mason Christopher Girangaya in 2012.

They were followed by the adoptions of Michael Keahi Girangaya and Elena Kiele Girangaya in 2017. Then, a couple of years later, a non-verbal youth was placed with Chris and Alan who had difficulty expressing his wants and needs. Many interventions were provided for this youth, and ultimately Maxwell Kanani Girangaya was adopted in 2019.

Most recently, when Myles Adriano Girangaya was adopted in 2022, his maternal grandmother joined the celebration and fully supported her grandson’s adoption. There were many hugs and happy tears in the courtroom that day!

Over the years, many other children in need have been welcomed into the Girangayas’ home before eventually returning to their birth families with support from Chris and Alan.

We thank the Girangaya family for sharing their lives with so many young people in need; for allowing children to feel love and supported; and for helping these youth become part of their extended family. They are role models for all of us.

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