In the Hillside community and around the world, June is Pride Month, a time for celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community and reaffirming our rejection of hate, intolerance and bigotry. Communities throughout New York State are holding Pride-themed events all month long—join us! 

Monday, June 19 marks another milestone occasion: Juneteenth Independence Day is the annual commemoration of the symbolic end of slavery in the United States. This fact sheet from the Federation of American Scientists provides fascinating details about the history and relevance of this American holiday. 

Too many marginalized groups and members of the BIPOC community continue to face challenges regarding inclusion and equity. Many of us, due to race, gender, religion, etc. are members of marginalized groups and continue to face those same challenges. That’s why DE&I continues to be essential work at Hillside, and for everyone. 

Introducing Latesha Fussell! Our new Director of DE&I (pictured) begins her Hillside tenure this month and will play a lead role in Hillside’s evolving work in the DE&I space. Welcome, Latesha!

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