On December 12, Hillside invited state and local officials to join us at our Crestwood Campus to hear more about our programs, priorities and plans for the future. We try to hold meetings like this several times each year, as part of our ongoing engagement with government and community leaders; they understand the role played by Hillside’s services in our community, and their awareness and support is critical to the success of our work.

It’s impossible to consider the effectiveness of Hillside’s services without taking into account our funding streams. Because the rates for many of Hillside programs are set by our state partners, we must be a thoughtful, passionate advocate for the support that ultimately helps our employees do their best work for those we serve.

And funding isn’t the only issue. In an op-ed piece published on the New York Non-Profit Media website, I shared some thoughts about the vital need for structural reforms in our field. The most recent New York State budget showed promise in its increased financial support for many of our services, but that support is only the beginning of the changes needed to allow our programs to fulfill their objectives and let youth, adults and families thrive.

The individuals we serve deserve the full support of our funders and elected officials—as do our employees, in the form of rates for our services that allow staff to be compensated fairly. We continue to do all we can to support higher employee compensation, and with appropriate funding increases, we can do even more.

In the meantime, please don’t forget that your support makes an incredible difference! Whether as a donor, a foster parent or a Hillside employee, you can play an important role in helping us help others.

Thank you for your support of Hillside’s mission!

Maria Cristalli
President & CEO

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