Sixty-six Hillside employees were honored today in a virtual celebration for achieving milestone anniversaries with the agency. During their time at Hillside, the honorees have contributed a combined 980 years of service to youth, adults and families.

Hillside President and CEO Maria Cristalli lauded the employees for their extraordinary commitment to the Hillside mission: “It’s because of you and your work that young people and families are thriving in their communities.”

Today’s honorees included:

30 Years of Service: Linda Augustine, Fran Diaz, Chanel Green and Deb Koehler.

25 Years of Service: Mary Jo Acomb, Chris Butcher, Sharon Gruttadauro, Michael Guarino, Karen Hines, Sandra Manning, Anne Siconolfi and Sheldon Tripi.

20 Years of Service: Lyn Dang, Jean Galle, Mark Pelligra, Mike Pierce, Paige Maltman, Brenda Ortiz, Laural Prentice, Angel Vazquez and Tom Wilson.

15 Years of Service: Theresa Baker, Valerie Berner, Yvette Borne, Denise Culkin, Najwa Dennis, Jessica Dixon, Loren Eason, Twan Escho, Linda Hartung, Janni Heisinger, Diantha Johnson, Keith Juman, Karen Kelley, Thomas Lupiani, Lauren McNally, Elizabeth Nolan, Aaron Pascale, Marcus Paulk, Molly Prichard, Desiree Ramseur, Nehemiah Taylor and Kelley Tonra.

10 Years of Service: Katherine Brennan, Jennifer French, Michael Ford, LaToya Gray, Matt Isa, Paul Iverson and Mariama McClain.

5 Years of Service: Kristi Allen, Rebecca Buck, Rachel Bryant, Casey Pagano, David Fluellen, Shamya Jordan, Lyndsey Landers, Brandi Mack, Vincenzo McNeill, Amanda Marie, Renee Myrie, Paige Novak, Cody Redfield, Toby Southern, Carrie St. Clair and Tom Wilmot.

Karen Kelley, honored for 15 years of service, agreed with a description of her career as being part of a “dream team.” “It has been a family,” Kelley said of her time to date with Hillside. “Thank you.”

“We bring our whole selves to the work,” said Desiree Ramseur. “I’m grateful to have had various roles … (and) to have been here 15 years and counting.”

Hillside is hiring! Visit Hillside.com/Careers to explore current career opportunities, benefits and more.

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