HWSC in Utica

Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection helps Utica students stay in school, earn their high school diplomas and prepare for higher education or employment.

A New Partnership

We’re excited to partner with Utica schools! HWSC launched in Utica in fall 2023, and our program aims to support up to 350 area students in the 2023-2024 academic year from the following school sites:

  • Proctor High School
  • Donovan Middle School
  • John F. Kennedy Middle School

Read the announcement of our 2023 partnership with Utica City School District

A Model that Works

Year over year, HWSC’s model brings positive outcomes for participating students, their families, and their community. Across all regions in 2022, 91% of students who stayed with the program throughout high school received their diplomas. And that number jumped to 100% for students who held part-time jobs with a Hillside Employment Partner. (These and other insights are included in our HWSC Outcomes Report for the Class of 2022).

Become a Utica HWSC Employment Partner!

Utica-area employers are invaluable partners in the success of HWSC and our students. We’re building a network of local Employer Partners who recognize the importance of a new generation of ready-to-work young people in Utica. These partners will link HWSC students with part-time job opportunities that allow them to build their professional skills while earning money for college costs and other expenses. And they’ll help fill important roles in the Utica business community!

 For details about becoming an HWSC Employment Partner in Utica, contact Patricia Washington at 585-256-7500 or info@hillside.com.

For More Information

To learn more about HWSC’s work in the Utica community, contact Patricia Washington, Regional Executive Director, at 585-256-7500 or info@hillside.com.

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