Happy Holidays! We’re heading into a time of year that holds special meaning for many cultures and families in the communities we all call home. No matter how you observe the season, it’s a natural time for thinking of others—and it’s in that spirit that Hillside’s Special Santa program was created.

Now in its fourth decade, Special Santa is a remarkable act of not only charity, but community: across all the regions we serve, our employees join with families served by Hillside and with thousands of individuals like you to make the holidays a little bit brighter for children in need.

I recently sat down for Hillside’s monthly podcast to discuss Special Santa with a member of our staff who’s participated in the program for 35 years. She shared a heartwarming story of a young girl of color who commented that she’d never owned a doll that looked like her—and when she received that doll through Special Santa, she was ecstatic, carrying it everywhere she went.

A simple act of generosity meant so much to that young girl—and your generosity can do the same this season! I hope you’ll join us in contributing in any way you can to Special Santa 2023. Please visit our online Special Santa page to learn more about the many ways you can make an extraordinary difference in the lives of the youth, adults and families we serve.

Thank you for your support!

Maria Cristalli
President & CEO

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