Client Information Systems Analyst, Rochester NY

I take pride in helping those who help others. In my role, I support staff by working to optimize and streamline data entry – it makes me feel like I’m a part of the youth and family service circle.

Community-Based Supervisor, Rochester NY

I love that I get to work with a talented and passionate team that is focused on providing opportunities for young people. Witnessing the growth in students and staff alike has been nothing short of inspiring.

Care Manager, Buffalo NY

I love seeing my families at their homes, in school or in the community. [It gives me] such a better understanding of their needs and what life is like for them. I feel that I have the support of my supervisor and management team—they understand that this is not...

Residential Unit Manager, Bath NY

We get to help build [youths’] skills, and one day down the road get a phone call that they got a job, graduated school, got married, and are happy and living a good life.
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